Lose 40% of your customers
by ignoring the mobile web

Right now mobile users are
abandoning your website,
if it's not mobile-optimized.

One half of all searches with local intent
are done on mobile devices.

And 80% of users will instantly abandon your site
if they have a poor mobile experience.

Does that emphasize the importance
of a mobile-optimized website, or what?

(Sources: HubSpot, Google)

Your customers and potential customers need and expect a positive experience on their mobile device when viewing your website.

If your website is slow for mobile users, has small text, requires pinching and zooming, or doesn't work properly, you’re losing customers and revenue, and negatively impacting your brand equity.

70% of mobile searches lead to action within 1 hour

That means calling, emailing or visiting your business

In fact, 50% of mobile searches lead to purchase

That's a crazy high conversion rate!

But 4 out of 5 people will immediately hit that Back button...

... and go to another search result ...

... if they encounter a slow, clumsy, non-mobile website.

So, which experience do you want to offer?

Are you going to capture those eager consumers, or let someone else?

Sources: Google, Gartner, Limelight Networks, iAcquire, Compuware, Cisco


A mobile website is optimized for mobile users

It is specifically designed for small screens, touch interaction, and will load fast over the cellular networks, which are still considerably slower than at-home broadband.

The design is optimized for a smooth user experience and the content caters to the unique needs of mobile users, which are often quite different than users sitting at a desk.

A mobile website is not an app and is far simpler to create. It is accessed (and compatible with) a web browser on any mobile device: iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows, Palm, etc.

Curious about mobile vs. responsive design?

Read my mobile websites FAQ

A mobile website will stop customers from abandoning your site

4 out of 5 mobile users will instantly abandon your website if they have a poor experience. They will either go to your competitors or quit their shopping experience entirely! Not cool.

Gain a competitive advantage with a mobile website that offers:

  • Short load times
  • Content relevant to users on the go... tap-to-call buttons, quicker access to desired content, mapping, business hours, etc.
  • Design geared towards small screens

Stop losing valuable visitors that want to buy from you.

No need to rebuild your whole website

A mobile website is separate from your existing website, and when a visitor on a mobile device lands on your website they are automatically redirected to the mobile version instead. They can switch back-and-forth if desired.

I can create a mobile website for you now that will accompany your existing website, without requiring a full redesign.

The basic steps are:

  • I will analyze your website data (e.g. Google Analytics) to understand your mobile visitors' behaviour and goals
  • I will simplify and reorganize your existing website copy to appeal to those users, and satisfy their goals
  • I will design your mobile website based on validated design patterns
  • I will custom-build the site for you, quickly
  • You’ll be right in your customers hands in no time!

I also offer more elaborate mobile solutions.
Let's discuss what you're looking for.

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