“The website is better than we anticipated,
and the process was painless!”

– Christina Carrick, CAUSE Canada / CAUSE Kids

The way that websites are being designed, built and marketed is drastically changing and evolving! A plain, thoughtless brochure website doesn’t cut it.

Is your business keeping up?

Are you staying ahead of your competition?

An effective website satisfies your visitors first and foremost

If your visitors are satisfied, they become paying customers. That’s a “win” for you and for them.

That satisfaction may be answers to their questions, or proof that your product / service is the solution to their problem.

This can be accomplished with:

  • Customer focus and careful web copywriting
  • Clear, focussed, and attractive web design that’s centered around conversions: turning visitors into customers
  • Versatility for today’s technology (computers, tablets, phones) with mobile-friendly web design
  • Social content like ratings, reviews and connections with social networks

Of course, people need to be able to find your website, so your website needs to rank high in the search engines in order to be an effective marketing tool.

It's actually not that difficult to stay ahead of the curve, with the right expert guidance.

You can get an effective website with my help

Each web design job has its own personality, but here’s an idea of how you can get an effective website for your business, by working with me.

Getting a Quote

After gathering your ideas and goals, I’ll provide a quote for your consideration. It will be detailed (nobody likes surprises), will explain how I can benefit your business, and there will be no obligation attached.

Discovery + Research

It’s important to understand your visitors’ needs and problems if we’re going to satisfy them. Through research I’ll learn about your audience, your business, and determine how to match them.

Competitive research and a market analysis will ensure I can position you ahead of your competitors.

Are you a new company?

I do branding too.


Well-crafted copy delivers your key messaging effectively, gives visitors with what they're looking for, and persuades them to take action. It also ensures the search engines get to know you really well. A lot goes into the words on your page.

“Having done this a couple times with some people who call themselves web designers, I can tell you that this has been the easiest, care-free experience I've had! Great job, everybody loves it, and it's exactly the look we're going for.”
- Cody Reimer, Bold Posts Ltd.


Together we’ll follow several carefully planned design phases to create your masterpiece. It’s an iterative process that ensures the most effective design, and your happiness. My designs are hand-crafted, not spin-offs of templates. This results in a deliberate, clear, user-friendly and conversion-focussed website that's as unique as your business.

Find out how I fit in
mobile web design


I’ll toil away and build your website. I’m very hands-on and meticulous, yielding a high-quality finished product. My code follows the latest best practices for usability, search engine optimization (SEO), compatibility for everyone, and longevity.

The Launch

As with rocket ships, this is the start of a journey, not the end. After testing and approvals, your website goes live! If needed, I’ll gracefully handle your domain name, hosting and email setup.


I’ll stick by your side as you grow. With SEO and online marketing I’ll ensure you continually rank high in the search engines. I’m also a one-stop creative shop for print media, mobile marketing, email marketing, content creation, conversion optimization (CRO) ... the list goes on.

Working with me and hit your business goals

I operate a small business that’s personable and eager to build a relationship with you. Because of that, I’ll be attentive to your needs and get to know you and your business. I bake 21 years of expertise into every job, and I’m diligent in what I do, so you can have confidence in my work and capabilities.

Making websites isn’t the purpose of my business... getting you more customers is the purpose of my business. By applying my hard work ethic and experience towards marketing your business, I can make you more successful and help you rise to the top of your market.

William Joseph Communications

Blaine’s client service, attention to detail and quality of product have been exceptional and we would not hesitate to recommend his services.

Liz Balletto
William Joseph Communications

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