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Ambiance Dental

When Dr. Wasik came to me 17 years ago, he wanted to revitalize his dental clinic's marketing strategy. He was keen to increase his intake of new patients and become a leading downtown dentist in Calgary, so I rebranded his clinic with a new name, visual identity and website.

This was the start of an exciting journey we're still on together, and he's been able to bring on on a new partner as well, Dr. Nagra.

Over the years Ambiance Dental has engaged my services to continually improve their website and offering for mobile visitors, to keep them ranked at the absolute top of the search engines, and ensure their online reputation glows with reviews from their happy patients.

Today, their website is prominently positioned at the top of Google for all of the competitive keywords we target, and they are proudly one of the highest rated of all dental clinics in Calgary.

Month after month, Dr. Wasik and Dr. Nagra now get 5x as many new patients as they'd first hoped for.

With so much success online, their clinic has been able to drop all other marketing strategies and advertising expenses. They've seen an immense return on their investment and exceptional results.

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Some of the success that I have helped Ambiance Dental achieve:

860% boost in new patient appointment
requests through website

3.9x increase in website conversion rate

7x Google+ reviews

Kenoshi Creative’s work optimizing our website has helped double the traffic to our website in the past 2 years and we still consistently show at the top of Google searches. — Graham Fleet, Marketing Manager

Since working with me, CCI Wireless has seen:

5.9x more engaged website visitors

1,160% increase in paid subscribers over 4 years

$22M+ boost in customer lifetime revenue

14+ years continually ranked at the top of Google, for their most competitive keywords

In 2010, CCI Wireless set out to become the Internet Service Provider (ISP) that would transform how rural Albertans access the internet. And they asked for my help to design their brand and build their web presence.

Many rural homes + businesses still use dial-up, because broadband has been expensive and difficult to implement. But CCI Wireless invested in the latest technology and now offers Albertans fast + reliable internet that's affordable, with an emphasis on customer service. They've been able to bring broadband internet to tens of thousands of rural families + businesses.

With their audience primarily on slow internet connections, there are some unique technical requirements for CCI's website. When they were hiring a web designer + developer, they found that I was able to understand their challenges and could convert these types of visitors into subscribers.

Being a brand new internet provider, it was also vital that their website ranked above their existing competition, so they could gain traction, grow their subscriber base and build trust in the new brand we had created together. So I ranked their website above all of their competitors, and have maintained that placement for 14 years.

Today, it feels great to continue partnering with CCI Wireless. I look forward to helping them provide opportunity to Albertans for many more years.

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